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Web design and development refers to the coding and deals with the characteristics and attributes of one’s website. It includes ranging from designing content development, network security, client-side/server-side scripting. Quick Web  Interactive a best website developmentweb designing company in Noida/Delhi NCR specializing in web design, mobile apps development, SEO .

Quick web provides best web design and website development in Delhi. All Small Business Website, Corporate Website, Responsive Web Designing. We have given assistance to. As we said it can range over a wide variety of things from developing a single page of plain text to developing complex pages or internet applications. We, therefore, see it is a far more complex process than it is understood.

Conversely, we see that as the age of E-commerce is upon, service like website development becomes quality. It is the website development that sets the foundation of how much traffic is your website going to attract. It acts as the building structure of your online business. One cannot deny the importance of website development. It is the first when you want to take your business online.

Shifting paradigm of Web Development :

Web design and development in the past few years has greatly shifted the paradigm of the environment. It has redefined the way we do shopping. Order food, buy groceries, i.e. everything we do in our daily life has changed and the reason is web development. We are not arguing that web development is good or not. The undeniable truth is that web development is the new truth of the modern era and one should accept that.

Web design and development has helped to reach far out customers in the playing field of the market. This has helped to increase the revenue of the company by many fold times. In a few years, if it’s playing in the market, web development has turned out to be an important defining concept in the success of the website.

The increase is a sheer number of software services is an example, that how much important web development has become. The basic technologies used in the development are HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Let us delve deeper into Web Design and Development and understand how it works:

1. Web Development technologies:


HTML or (Hypertext mark-up language), is the language on which all the coding of the web is done. The pages that you see are developed on the HTML language. HTML is the modern coding language f the world. if the developer has less knowledge of the language than it is not possible to develop the website.HTML is the first step in the web development to start with. So it is important to get the services from the company which has experts in the field.


CSS or (Cascading Style Sheets), can be defined as the different links for defining the styling of that particular webpage.

An entire web application has the link which can define the style for the entire web application. Therefore, if you want to let us say change the colour of a button, or font, etc. specifically you need to modify just one CSS file and it can be done.

It is quite a useful technology. Because under HTML, you would have to modify the entire code structure concerning that button or that font, which in itself is especially a herculean task.

Consequently, knowledge of CSS is quite important today because, without it, you are an outdated developer. CSS is the coding of today, the developer should understand that it is not necessary to just have the knowledge of HTML even though it is the go-to language or especially the building block of your website.

HTML nowadays cannot stand without the support of CSS. Hence, one should focus on CSS in the process of web development.


JavaScript, once a side-tool for developing webpages is now the central tool in the development of webpages. JavaScript is the gold of internet languages. Meanwhile, it is currently the hottest language among the developers with most of the coding done through it. Meanwhile, it is through JavaScript most of the results are achieved. Consequently, the final page that you see of a website has been coded on the JavaScript.

JavaScript also interacts with DOM and it can be executed directly by the web browser. It is a dynamic language that can operate in different environments among the web browser.

Consequently, using the JavaScript to manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model) can help us to change the entire style of a webpage and their content.

JavaScript uses two types of rendering which are the following for Web Development:

1. Server-Side:

Server-Side is the outdated method of sending the data to JavaScript. It is also the simplest form of transferring the data to the browser.

Consequently, whenever you visit a particular website, the browser makes a request to the server that contains the contents of the website. This particular only takes a few milliseconds, but it depends on the following factors:

1. Internet speed

2. Location of the server

3. Number of users trying to access the site

4. Optimization of the website

The above factors affect the speed by which your browser renders the page to you. The above-listed process occurs each and every time you ask your browser to render a new page. Though, the whole process might not be repeated f your browser has a cached version of it. But that is just another story.

Now it might look a simple deal to a user but it is not. Because the amount of codes and complexity that go into today’s websites makes server render pages slowly to a user which can increase the bounce rate.

Meanwhile, server-side rendering works well for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because your content is present in front of you. As a result, search indexes are able to search it and crawl it just fine. Consequently, it is something that the modern method of CSR (Client Service Rendering) does not work. Hence, it is one particular advantage of SSR (Service Side Rendering) over CSR (Client-Side Rendering).

2. CSR (Client-Side Rendering):

CSR (Client-Side Rendering) is synonymous to JavaScript, used in the browser. Consequently, in this case, instead of getting all the content from the HTML document, we get a kind of blanked out HTML document with a JavaScript that will render the website using the browser.

This is a relatively new concept. It really didn’t become popular until JavaScript libraries started to use into their style of development. Specifically, you get an id root for a container div. Hence, we see that JavaScript uses small files to load the contents of a page while using an image of the loaded pages. Therefore, it takes far less time to load the page. Because each to time you render the page it will use the image and the JavaScript to render the new content. Consequently, this makes the process of rendering pages faster and compatible.


However, there are some drawbacks such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) not improving because the content is not shown until the page is rendered on the browser, as a result, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will take a hit. This will decrease your ranking on the search engines. Meanwhile, it is quite possible that is users are on a slow connection, it will take a long time for the initial loading.

Now, we have defined both the Rendering and we will take up advantages and disadvantages for each of them for Web Development:

Advantages of Server-Side Rendering:

1. Crawlers can work better and improve ranking on SEO

2. Initially, the loading is faster.

3. It is great for building static websites

Disadvantages of Server-Side Rendering:

1. Server requests are high and frequent

2. The overall page renders slowly.

3. Full page reloads each time the new information is loaded.

Advantages of Client-Side Rendering:

1. The website renders faster after the initial load.

2. Web applications work smoothly.

3. Great availability of Java libraries.

Disadvantages of Client-Side Rendering:

1. Low SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2. The initial load requires time.

3. It requires an external library many times to load.

3. PHP (Personal Home Page):

PHP (Personal Home Page) or PHP: Hypertext Pre-Processor, is a general-purpose language. It was created in 1994, by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is the most sought out language for web development. Because it is can be easily embedded on the browser. Its contents pages, web code management, and web frameworks.

Furthermore, it is very important software that helps in the faster loading of websites by loading each and every component of the site separately into the browser which is done by creating a separate image file for every component of the website, hence in this way each page loads faster.

Recently, many modifications have been done over PHP which has rendered it more useful than before. The PHP version currently in the market if 7.3, a major upgrade includes various environments and huge support for a variety of libraries.

Thus, one should focus on how well his/her website is integrated with PHP in order. to give the user the best possible experience while he is browsing the web.

Difference Between Web Development and Web Designer:

There is a huge difference between a web developer and web development. Often, people confuse these two terms and take their meaning to be the same. There is a huge difference between these two words and let us break it down for you.

Take the example of a car, it has various technical components that include engine, transmission, wheels, etc. It also has aesthetic components such as design, comfort, the layout of the dashboard, etc.

Conversely, the web developer is like the person who develops the technical aspects of the website just like that of a car. Web designer, would be responsible for the aesthetics component of the website such as look, feel and design of the website.

In order to have a smooth and great functioning website, one needs to focus on both the technical as well as aesthetics components of the website. They need to travel hand in hand in order to give the user the perfect experience of the website.

Web Developers

Good web developers must understand the difference between the development part of the website and the design part of the website. Although, Web development is the building process of the website whereas the web design is the final part of the website of creation. This is the point where specifically many people merge the lines and are not able to comprehend the difference between these two terms.

Both are important, but without web development, you cannot begin with website design. Without having the web design in mind one cannot have web development. Hence, we see that they both go hand in hand.


Advantages of Web Development:

1. Wider reach:

Web development helps you to reach a wider audience. Consequently, it helps to spread your business above and over the geographical boundaries. It helps you to reach a wider audience and helps to increase the user base of the business. Wider reach is beneficial to start-ups and newly established firms. These firms have the problem of low user base which can be solved by having a website using web development.

2. Great Marketing:

Web development is the marketing of today. It provides low cost-efficient marketing to businesses. Meanwhile, it also helps to spread around on the online platform. Low-cost marketing is efficient for companies and firms. Consequently, they don’t need to invest in high-cost marketing such as setting up billboards, advertisements on TV or radio or etc.

Web development is currently is a hot topic. It can help you to get wider coverage and as well as develop a target group of customers which can then help in building brand loyalty.

3. User-friendly website:

Consequently, the most important thing for a user is to have a website that appeals to eyes, provides useful information, gives an aesthetic feel and provides the information you are looking for. This all comes from website development.

Website development is an important or the only tool which can develop the website having the above qualities. Moreover, without website development, one cannot move further to the process of website design. Conversely, it is an important process but it is given very little attention. Developers pay far more attention to the design of the website instead of giving thought to development. 

It should be paid more attention because it acts as the building block of the website.


Website development is an important, paramount process in the development of a website that is paid out a little thought. When you run a business or a company, the first thought that comes to mind is how can I increase sales?  The answer if we go back 10 years was heavy marketing on TV and radio.

But today the answer would be heavy and competitive digital marketing. Meanwhile, the answer is quite simple and cost-saving but it is not easy to do it. Digital marketing often falls flat because of website development which is not user-friendly because very little attention has been paid to website development.

Hence, website development should be focused on and given primary importance. Because in the world of today, a business is defined by its website. The online presence is a part and parcel of business and specifically, given importance so that the business does not lag behind in the competition.

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