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The Great Online Circus of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the hottest trend in marketing nowadays. Although It is the use of social media websites such as likes of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This refers to a process of connecting to people to market your products and services on social media platforms.

Social media in today’s world is not restricted to the use of chatting or sharing posts from your life events. It has now become a battleground for big and small businesses alike. Firms are now competing for market power over this platform.

Social media marketing has enabled firms to reach the consumers located at every nook and corner of the world. It has also helped to announce their newly launched products and services.. Social media marketing has gained popularity in the last few years. In fact, it has become so much popular that nowadays companies or firms are providing day to day updates over social media. This enables them to have a huge following and a dedicated line of customers.


It has become the marketing land of today’s world. This is evident from the fact that the online presence of the population is continuously increasing

The new players of advertisement are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Quora. It has replaced the traditional form of advertisement in a way one could have never ever imagined. In fact, he who owns the social media platform drives the name and game of the business. He sets standards in the market to which others bow and follow.

Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of Social Media Marketing:

1. Wider Marketing:

Every seller wants maximum consumer coverage, to get a wider reach for its products. And what is the better way than social media to reach a large number of consumers? In fact, a business should get an online presence because if not than their scope of operations would be very limited and they would not be able to expand.

In addition to this, social media is great to spread knowledge about your business. At any rate, companies should have an account on at least one of the social media platforms. Social media is the big thing on the internet and companies cannot ignore it

2. Increase in Traffic:

You have a great website, great content but still, lack traffic. Go online! And make yourself present among social media. In fact, social media marketing has helped in the growth of some of the very best companies in the current era like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. It is the best way to increase traffic on your site. Furthermore, you can connect to people all around the world. Instagram and similar apps are a great way to spread information about your site.

3. Brand Recognition:

Businesses can improve their brand value and goodwill by making their online presence felt. In fact, start-ups can develop their businesses online and help improve their status among the market. This is helpful for businesses because brand loyalty is important for the business to grow and cultivate. Brand loyalty is also an important factor in determining the consumer base of a business.

Brand loyalty and goodwill are important attributes for a business to grow in the long run. It is an undeniable fact that social media marketing can help you cultivate that in today’s fast-moving world. Because today no one has time to stop and look for advertisements on billboards.

4. Reduced Marketing Costs:

Conversely, comparing with the traditional marketing costs, we can see that social media marketing has reduced marketing costs. Social Media is hassle-free and offers you the facility of doing advertisements at reduced costs. People nowadays are searching for everything on the internet and the majority of the news or the information on social media. Hence, companies should focus on getting themselves on social media.

5. Better Targeting:

In addition, the above benefits social media marketing helps in getting the companies focusing on the target group of customers. This can help the business to focus on delivering to customers with maximum satisfaction which helps in improving the brand value of the business. Moreover, targeting helps in churning out the ideal group of customers that form the clientele of the business.  

And with better targeting comes the reduced of delivering, advertising and operating. Businesses don’t need to operate in all the ground nowadays. In fact, they need to focus only on the group of the market specifically catering to their products.

6. Personal connection:

Social media marketing helps in establishing getting a personal connection between consumers and firms. Therefore, it helps in creating an environment where consumers and sellers can interact and establish trust among themselves.

It also helps in bridging the gap between consumers and companies, specifically by providing the information of companies to the consumers through social media platforms.

7. Strong conversion rates:

Social media marketing will help to generate a conversion rate. This refers to the fact how many customers are actually buying your products? This impacts the businesses because they need to increase their customer base in order to generate revenue and stay in the market.

In fact, social media marketing has helped a lot of businesses to increase their sales and stay alive in the competition. This has helped in increasing its revenue base and improving its presence in both the online and offline market.

8. Geo-Targeting:

Social media marketing helps in targeting customers based on their geographical preferences. Geo-targeting has helped firms to grow an develop. In fact. Geo-targeting has become so much so that companies now spend lakhs of rupees just to send market researchers for fieldwork.

But social media marketing has helped to reduce this cost and has helped to target businesses based on their geographical preferences. This has helped a business to reach new boundaries and establish new markets. It has helped to breach markets and establish a personal connection with the customers.

9. Improved ranking:

Social media marketing helps to improve the ranking of your websites. It helps your customer base to know of your online presence. In fact, one of the main reasons for less traffic on your website can be your low social media presence.

Conversely, look at the websites around you, such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. They all have a huge online presence. They have huge social media following. Therefore, small businesses should also work in a similar way if they want to improve their ranking online.

10. Improve grievance addressing:

Consumers today want faster addressing of their problems and social media marketing offers just that. Conversely, with the help of social media companies you can establish a personal connection with customers to offer them the best user experience.

Companies can address issues faced by customers in a timely manner and provide the best possible user experience. This is helpful in retaining customers and building brand loyalty too.


Some of the major social media marketing platforms are the following:

1. Facebook:

One of the hottest trending websites currently in trend. It won’t hurt to post a few things about your business online.

2. WhatsApp:

Another hottest trending app since it’s launch. It won’t hurt you to form groups and posts a few messages on it about your products and services.

3. Quora:

Yes! You heard it right. Answer the questions on which you can advertise your products. It won’t leave a link of your site at the end of an answer.

4. Tumblr:

Another great app, which offers social media cum blogging. Write a blog about your products and services on your websites. Meanwhile, post a few photos too.

5. Instagram:

Well! What to say about this? Everyone knows about this and everyone knows about it. Need I say anything more?

6. Twitter:

Two words “Great Platform”. Post tweets, give information and attract users.

7. LinkedIn:

Seriously! Do I need to talk about the benefits of this to you?

8. Pinterest:

Post pics and attract customers. Get orders and Get going.

9.  Telegram:

Similar to WhatsApp and great user connectivity. It would not hurt to talk about your business.\

10. Reddit:

Great platform, Superb user interaction and a great place to advertise your business.


So, this article goes on and on about social media marketing. In conclusion, we will give a final verdict. Social media marketing is the queen of advertising. It does not need you but your business needs it desperately. He who is blind to the presence of social media in today’s world, I am sorry to say this is a fool. You cannot deny the existence of this in any way possible. It is everywhere.

Social media marketing has redefined the age of marketing. In fact, it has brought new players into the market and furthermore has opened up new grounds of the market for businesses. It has created a competitive environment for businesses where one needs to focus on the needs and preferences of customers. Furthermore, if the business does not then the market power of business can fall to a great extent.

Moreover, the business needs to address the fact that social media marketing helps in developing brand loyalty. Consequently, with brand loyalty businesses can focus on giving the best world-class experience to their target group.

Furthermore, sellers get the benefit of reduced marketing costs, they have to spend less than what they were spending on ads in newspapers, billboards, and radios. They just need to have an online presence and nothing else.

Accordingly, this is not the end, it is just the beginning of the modern age of marketing. The one where immediate response, open eyes and not good but great marketing is required to set the boundaries for market power.

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