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Best off-page SEO strategy, the term which is on everyone’s tongue these days is the paramount thing behind Digital Marketing. It has taken the internet to new heights, has changed the playground for the internet players and established its own rules on the internet. The rules thus formed are difficult and not easy to understand. The off-page strategy is the main element or key factor for SEO. The paradigm has shifted and everything is changing in a blink of an eye.

Now let us move on to the technical details of this force. SEO strategy or the Search Engine Optimization has two pillars, one is ON-Page SEO strategy and the other is the OFF-Page SEO strategy. Both of these techniques are important in their own ways to create the rank of the website. They can make or destroy the website and thus, we must note that these techniques must be used with caution because there are numerous incidences where the things have a turn for the worse and users have lost their websites to the wrath of the google.

off-page strategy

Therefore, here I would like to show you numerous techniques of OFF-Page SEO strategy and how to use them:

1. Blogging:

The most important and the bets technique to improve your ranking on the internet. Blogging is not just some written words over the internet. It is an art, an art to engage the readers and make him immerse in your world. And make him lie down and at the end make a connection so that he keeps on coming back for more. The art lies in the act that you are able to write an engaging blog for your audience.

This is done by keeping your library of your topics up to date and constantly writing about the new things that are taking place in your genre or whichever topic you prefer to write. The topic must cater to a wide audience and also must be engaging. It must not be some dull and mundane blog which just keeps on rambling on and on beating about the bush and not taking about the main points which the user would wan to know.

Hence, one must keep in mind the above small details while writing a blog on an any topic and especially be careful while posting on someone else’s blog. All this should be kept in mind while writing a blog so that the content is good and contains true ad authentic information.

2. Article use in Off-page Strategy:

Though sounds similar, but the article and blogs are two very different things. They are as different chalk and cheese. The article submission in technical terms is generally done to create the necessary back-links. In a nutshell, article submission greatly increases the traffic on your website.

Before, submitting your article to any website, you must see that the website you are submitting the article is of your field and also note that the article you are thus submitting to the website is authentic and contains true and accurate information.

The article should talk about the topic at hand. It should be short, succinct, and to the point. It should not, be that article is not very long and extends to 10 pages. The website won’t accept your article if it does not find it good. So, you must note that it is quite possible that majority of the articles being submitted by you might not get accepted. This is a major disadvantage of the article submission.

3. Social Media Engagement:

The Social Media Engagement is the best OFF-Page SEO technique to have been used by the digital marketers to improve the ranking of your website and it would also help to increase the traffic on your website. It has become the marketing land of today’s world. This is evident from the fact that the online presence of population is continuously increasing.

Social Media marketing is the hottest trend in marketing now-a-days. It is the use of social media websites such as likes of You-tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This refers to a process of connecting to people to market your products and services on social media platforms.

Social media in today’s world is not restricted to the use of chatting or sharing posts from your life events. It has now become a battleground for big and small businesses alike. Firms are now competing for the market power over this platform.

Social media marketing has enabled firms to reach the consumers located at every nook and corner of the world. Furthermore, it has also helped to announce their newly launched products and services. It is just the start of social media marketing. It has gained popularity in the last few years. In fact, it has become so much popular that now-a-days companies or firms even provide day to day updates over social media. This enables them to have huge following and a dedicated line of customers.

4. Infographic use in off-page strategy:

Who doesn’t like videos? Take a look at YouTube and its ever-increasing consumer base. You must also focus on getting videos in your article and also focus on getting links added to your articles. This will increase the time spent by the general user on your website. It will also increase the consumer base because it has been seen that the consumers are far more responsible to the video arrangement.

Hence, by keeping that one should focus getting the video and as well as audio content into your articles and as well as into the blogs. This would greatly increase the approach of your content and would also increase the target audience of your website.

5. Broken Link Opportunity use in off-page strategy:

The broken link opportunity is a less successful technique than the above-mentioned techniques. The broken link is a way in which we build our links by looking for broken websites. By broken, websites here we mean that the websites which have broken or dead links. Also, note that the website for which you have discovered broken links must be related to your niche and industry. Then after discovering such links you can then repair these links and restore them.

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