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There are several SEO tools, Here we are going to discuss some important or best SEO tools for 2019. Now a day there are endless SEO tools that is close to impossible to achieve good traffics unless you are using appropriate SEO tools.

1. Serpstat

It is a digital growth hacking seo tool that helps you optimize your PPC, SEO and Content Marketing campaigns.


It has the following features

  • Collect keywords for PPC and SEO campaigns.
  • Determine the value of the keywords.
  • Find Search suggestions and keywords variation to enlarge your semantic core.
  • Introduce long-tail keywords
  • Check your web page is relevant or not.
  • Analyze keywords trends
  • Find what pages are showing up in search results for a particular keyword.

2. Seobility

Seobility is all about the representation of your websites and it shows good or bad your websites’ overall SEO optimization is.

It has the following features

1. SEO check

it will test your website and will give you a better search engine optimization tip.

Local SEO

2. Keyword check

It will show how well the page is optimized for the target keyword.

Keyword Checker Tool

3. SEO compare

It compares 2 pages for a keyword term.

4. Ranking Check

It checks your page’s ranking for any keyword.

Rank Checker Tool

3. Ahrefs SEO Tool

Out of all SEO tools, thousands of online marketers, owners of small businesses and SEO’s prefer to use this tool that help them improve their search ranking and It also has the content explorer, which searches the web for the most popular content and keyword.

Ahrefs has one more tool i.e. the keyword explorer 2.0 also it gives you a volume of a keyword’s search globally and in a country. The pricing for using this tool starts from $99 per month, they also offer a free trial you are allowed to have a free account but with certain limitations.

4. Pitchbox

It isn’t exactly an SEO tool but when you are link building there is usually a lot of outreach involved. It makes your overall outreach efforts 10x easier than it would manually.

Pitchbox Tool

5. SEOquake

It is a free browser extension. It pulls up more of the page’s data. Some of the metrics or page data it shows are:

  • The number of external links.
  • Alexa ranks
  • Google index
  • SEM Rush rank
SEOquake Tool

6. SEOptimer

It’s great to know how well your SEO is when it comes to SEO. Once you know it’s bad it tells you to work on things and knowing it is working great tells you to keep doing what you are doing. It will help you to make your website’s SEO. It will show you your keyword usage and user experience that is on-site page metrics. And also show you off-site metrics such as domain authority and backlink profile.

sepptimer tool

When the audit is completed. It will grade your website and also give you recommendations.

7. SEM Rush

SEM Rush tool was developed by SEMrush in 2008. In 2018, the project received funding of nearly $40 million. SEM Rush made their names in the last couple of years. This took a competitor research to another level. The best part is that there are 20 ways in SEM Rush to research your competition.

SEM Rush tool

SEO toolkit allows you to compare the performance to see how you rank against the competition. You can find your competitors backlinks, their best content, their best keywords and many more it is even great for PPC and paid traffic.

8. Majestic SEO Tools

This tools main focus in on backlinks, which represents the links between one website and the other website. This has a significant impact on SEO performance. It has a huge amount of backlink data. One of the most popular characteristics as ‘majestic million’ is that it displays the ranking of the top 1 million websites.

Majestic Tool

The Lite version of majestic costs $50 per month and consists of useful features a record of referring domain, bulk backlink checker, subset and IP’s as well as Majestic’s integrated ‘site Explorer’. This feature is designed to give an overview of your online store. Becouse it has also received some negative comments due to a little dated version.

9. Moz pro

It is a platform of SEO tools that aims to increase traffic, rankings, visibility across search engines. There is also the capability to track your ranking among hundreds or thousands of keywords per website. There is also a tool used for keyword research which helps to determine the keywords and also a backlink analysis tool which is a combination of metrics including estimated domain authority as well as anchor text in links. Even if you don’t sign up to Moz pro then also several free tools are available Similarly, There is also a supportive community that offers guidance, help, advice across the breadth of search marketing issues.

10. Mobile-friendly test

This Mobile-friendly tool is designed to determine whether your site is correctly optimized for smartphones, tablets. You just have to type in your site URL and it will simply inform you if your website is mobile-friendly or not. While this also gives you suggestions about how you can improve the mobile-friendliness of your site. Its page loading feature also lets you know if Google can properly access resources on a particular page

11. CanlRank

This tool helps you to find out if you can rank on the first page for a particular keyword of a search engine. It is not like other tools that purely provide information about how competitive words are. It lets you know the probability that you will rank first top on the search engine also provides you suggestions on how to target better on keywords Hence, it will provide you great competitive data for analysis and also helps you take actionable steps to get your site ranking higher with better SEO.

12. Ubersuggest


It is a simple keyword research tool that scratches the data from Google’s keyword planner for keyword ideas based on the keyword that you provide. Becouse tool also returns data for each keyword including CPC, search volume and level of competition. One of the important features of Ubersuggest is it can find out the keywords you are not interested in from search results.

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