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What is Content Writing and what are its Advantages.?

It is a decade old profession. It has existed from the time the newspapers have existed. The profession has evolved into now specifically for websites and blogs. Content has evolved from articles written in the printing press to articles written on the websites. It has tremendous growth as a profession. It has evolved into a well-paid profession in recent years.

We have seen a tremendous amount for enthusiasm for this profession and we have a spectacular response from the young fresh graduates around the world. Some take up it as an internship, some take it up as a full-time job. It has become a bread earner for a number of people around the world. We see that a number of young graduates have spawned towards content writing.

The world has been taken by the storm; this profession has also started a new culture of work from home. It has been viewed as the most successful professionals to start your career in the online world. It is not some out of the box and recently developed the profession. It was there around for a long time and the case is, it has just gained popularity a few years back.

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One should also see the case that if the writing is popular, why are they not paid heavily? The problem arises here that good writers are hard to find whereas those who are available are either in the learning stage or have taken it up just to earn some money while colleges are off.

Good writers are paid heavily. There is huge money in this profession. It is just the case how good can you write? And how much can you write? Moreover, this profession attracts various because of the ease of doing work from home and flexible working hours. However, this profession is not for everyone. It requires imagination, creativity, the power to make small things interesting, preciseness and accurate information.

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We will delve later into the topics such as qualities of a content writer, salary of a technical writer and even how to hire one?

But let us first talk more about SEO-friendly writing and its evolution. The content writer is an age-old profession. Earlier, writers used to write articles, blogs in newspapers, magazines or even for radio. Yes! You heard it right, content writers are hired for radios too.

This makes it a really old profession. However, the modernization, in this area has shifted the use of the term content writers for websites or blogs only.

Websites and blogs are ranked on the basis of their content written. They have delved deeper into it and turn this freelancing job into one big profession where there is constant among the leaders of the English language to prove their supremacy on the world wide web.

Getting your website or blog ranked today is similar to getting your newspaper sales to rise or increasing your viewership over your radio program. However, today it is about getting your website ranked and making people read your blogs. And this can only be achieved by making your content top-notch. This can help you rise in the online world and have you start a full-time career online. The trend is completely changing today

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With more and more people going online, we see a rising surge in the jobs for areas such as digital marketing, search engine optimization and especially content writing. Moreover, we also see rising competition online among websites to have supremacy. The websites are at daggers drawn for deciding the supreme leader and n doing so they need the best personnel at their disposal who can guide and carry them over their shoulders. This need for the staff pays off heavily if you are one such personnel because there is tremendous growth in this business. Moreover, it also happens to be the most opportunistic profession nowadays.


Now one may wonder, are the payoffs really true because it is too good to be true. But we must know that there is no free lunch in life. Even though payoffs are high it takes time for content writers to make his presence felt. Because it is not something you can do overnight, many a time people have failed to ring a bell with their readers and have been thrown out of the profession after reaching the top. Moreover, many are thrown out even before they start to make their presence felt. This is the sad reality of this profession.

But fear not! Everything takes time to grow, develop and cultivate. Though it takes time to make your content writing synchronize with your audience, it is worth the wait. You may also learn Social media Marketing here.

Big companies such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. hire content writers to have their website ranked because the content is a paramount thing which can make or destroy a website. Hence, they also focus on it. But it takes to get noticed in the eyes of the big wigs. Till then, on has to follow an action plan, focusing on his goal of content writing.

There are many examples of people who made their career from content writing be it Neil Patel, harsh Aggarwal, and many others. So, we see that it is a growing profession with more and more people getting to it.

We would notice that demand in this profession is continuously growing. The growth of this profession is largely dependent on the growth of the concerned content writer. If the person has patience and learning ability, he will grow as his career grows. This is the truth of this profession.

One should not run after the fact that there is s big fat pay cheque lined up for you, but instead should focus on the other aspects such as growth, development, and growth of career a well as fan following of the blogs.

Qualities required in a person to Be the Best Content writer:

1. Mastering different writing styles:

The very first requirement of content writing is that the writer should be able to master different styles of writing, he should be able to make his/her readers take on a train of emotions. He should make them feel connected with the content, story, article or whatever it is he or she is writing. The writer must be able to arouse the interest of readers in his or her content.

He or she must not shy away from using his or her pen for different styles of writing. He should experiment with different styles of writing to break the monotonicity of his content. Content writing is a blank canvas and the writer is its master, he should paint it in the best possible way. He should spill different styles of writing just like a painting has different styles of coloring.

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 He should be able to master different styles just like a painter is able to master different styles of painting. Moreover, mastering different styles of content writing is necessary to make a name in the online world.

We should note that mastering different increases your value because then you can different types of articles for different companies. You would not have to just do content writing for a particular company in a particular industry.

2. Don’t pick up random topics:

Although content writing requires that you must be able to write over all the subjects, it should not be the case that you start to write over random topics. One must be able to develop a certain class of topics on which he or she can write and pour down his or her thoughts.

Moreover, content writing has a particular audience. It does not mean that you should not write for different sectors and different companies. What it is trying to say that content writing has a wide variety of audiences. Hence, one should keep that in mind you have a particular audience which only has the taste of particular topics such as politics, automobiles, share market, etc.

Hence, you should see that you pick topics for your content writing in the area where your audience caters. Furthermore, it should not be the case that all your posts are about politics and suddenly you are delving into the automobile industry.

This is necessary for the audience because content writing is not an easy task and takes time to build your audience and to hold them to you is an even more difficult task. Hence, one should focus that and choose his topics accordingly, he should not just pick up random topics for his or her content writing.

Furthermore, different styles of writing must be combined with different topics but catering to a particular head topic. This is necessary for content writing and should not be overlooked.

Because if overlooked than one can very easily lose the fan following overnight. Moreover, one should not also put unnecessary information just to feed the audience. The information provided should be authentic and should not represent false or gossips to gain popularity over the internet overnight because even though the blog would be popular but it will lose the target audience.

3. Originality:

Content writing demands originality. Plagiarism is a big no in content writing. The content should be authentic and not overloaded with different contents. Even though, it would rank the website or blog because of the amount of the information thus provided. It would not be for long. The website would be put down and the blog would be shunned.

It can also face legal consequences or repercussions as a result of doing plagiarism. In addition to this, the blog would also lose its much-targeted audience and once that is the case it would be impossible to build the target audience again because it takes time to get popular on the internet. And all that hours of sitting behind the laptop working on your content writing would go in the drains.

It is thus advisable to bring originality into your content writing. Without this, your content is as good as the paper lying in your dustbin. Because from originality stems authenticity. And from authenticity comes the target audience and fan following for your content writing.

Hence, it is always advisable to say no to plagiarism because it is like a short success which fades away quickly. The fun of the content writing lies in its originality. Your content should reflect your own thoughts, your own views, not someone else’s. It is your content, it must be original, authentic, true and in good spirits.

Moreover, it should also not hurt the sentiments and feelings of any person or any group. Though you should criticize in your content writing the language used should be in good spirits and at no point sprout venom. Furthermore, you should also focus on criticizing the wrong thing, you should not go on criticizing each and everything that comes your way or is happening around you.

Hence, we see that authenticity in content writing plays a major role in getting the target audience and helps you to rank your website above competitors. Once again, we should note that plagiarism is big no in content writing and one should not do it. The focus should be on bringing authenticity in your content writing and nothing else.

4. Know the tools:

Content writing demands that not only you know the basics of writing the content but also know a thing or two about the languages used in making of websites because you have to make your content rank and hence, should be familiar with the working of the technology behind the rankings of the result.

Therefore, it is needed that you must be familiar with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These languages are required for content writing. You can then generate enough target audience and also improve your ranking.

Moreover, you also need to have the ability to improve your content writing according to the conditions of the internet and hence knowledge of these tools is necessary for you to optimize your content accordingly.

Furthermore, the knowledge of these tools would also help to improve your CV (curriculum vitae), which will also help you to gain an advantage in the job market. This does not end here, updating knowledge of tools is also necessary. Content writing is also an ever-learning job. You have to constantly update yourself with the latest knowledge available in the market. It also requires on the job learning and constant reading ability.

Content writing also requires that you should have a good knowledge of a wide variety of topics and tools. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires constant updating of your knowledge. Google is not just a website, it is an ever-evolving concept which requires detailed attention and a constant updating of the knowledge of the content writer.

HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), the language on which pages are written or built. It requires that you should know your way around the HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up language). Content writers require that they should know their way around the HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language).

Writing is an art and this art needs perfection. The perfection of this art requires the power of WordPress. It is a tool that is the most important of all the tools listed for content writing. WordPress is currently the best software to start your content writing. It will give you all the points by analyzing your content. It gives you tips about your content and also on how to improve it? WordPress is the best tool o build your blog. Because more or less every blogger starts his blog on WordPress and gradually moves on to publishing it on his individual website.

5. Social media specialist:

Content writing requires that content writers requires must know their way on social media. Because today everybody is online, be it anyone or anywhere in the world. They are all online. The world has turned into a big-globe where everyone is connected to others online. Therefore, social media is a great platform to get build fan following for your blog and website.

Moreover, content writers don’t become famous overnight. They all start all on social media and gradually take the internet by the storm. Hence, content writing requires that you must be active on social media and gather your consumer base and then go online.

Building a fan following for your content is an art and what better platform than Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr to begin with. Content writers must go online and start to develop their fan base by posting snippets from their content.

Moreover, social media is also a platform where content writers can interact and their thoughts about their content writing from their fans. It is also a great way to listen to your fans and take ideas from them, and generate content accordingly. Hence, content writers should seriously think of going online and developing their fan base as well as content writing.

These Tips can change your Life for forever.

1. Start with the Keyword search for your content writing.

2. Do not stuff your content with the keyword.

3. Use social media to announce the topics of your content or keep it a surprise.

4. Make your content authentic and make the reader feel the emotion you are trying to convey.

5. Get a good knowledge of SEO and a good SEO suite.

6. Paint a picture, give your reader a story and make your story run.

7. Be short, be succinct, write smart, write clearly, write using our imagination.

8. Always update your knowledge in tools and always make your content speak for yourself.


Content writing is the hottest trending thing right in the online market for jobs. It is one of the most versatile jobs at hand and requires various skills to master this art. It is far more satisfying than the high paying corporate jobs. One should take up content writing if he has a passion for writing. He should not shy away from using all his imagination and pour it down in front of him

Moreover, content writing is like reading a book, you always learn something new each and every day. Those who can write should take up this just for fun. But one must also know that it is a serious profession. It is also a hardcore job that requires dedication, hard work, and patience. Because any website ranks on the basis of its content.

Content writing can make or destroy a website. It should be taken seriously where there is a competitive environment and it requires that your website should rank on the top. Moreover, it is also an art where you are given are a blank canvas. You must paint it with words. But the words should be authentic, fair good and must instill a whirlpool of emotions in your audience.

Content writing also requires that you must focus on your target audience. Target audience or ideal audience or your fans are the ones for whom you write the content. You must listen to your target audience if you want to rise over the internet and leave an impact on your fans. This is necessary because fans can make or break your blog or a website. It is also necessary that you should understand the taste of your target audience and should not stray away into writing over random topics. You must write only on those topics which are defined by the taste of your audience.

Moreover, you should also remain active on social media because social media is a great platform where you can interact with your fans. Social media platforms provide a platform to dive into thinking of your fan base and know them better. It will also help them to have a sense of personal touch and would help them to understand your content writing more thoroughly.

Hence, we see one must take content writing as a noble profession with high paying perks. And also as a hobby for those who have a passion to write.

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