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In the fall of 2005, three common persons struck on an uncommon idea. The idea was unique, ubiquitous and was so realistic that people still why was not it thought of a long time ago? The answer was simple often the simplest ideas are very difficult to discover.

The idea was simple, they thought why is not there any platform to upload videos on the internet and VOILA! They had discovered the gold mine. Yes, you are thinking it right now, the same question, how come it was not launched way earlier? As we said it is often the most common things that have an uncommon appearance.

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The platform is your very own omnipresent and ubiquitous YouTube. The website was launched in the fall of 2005 and since, then it is growing by leaps and bounds. The website has never seen a fall in its user base since its launch and with each and every passing year and with each and every growth of the modern technology the website is continuously growing and traffic is at an all time high.

This is in by itself is a major achievement and is worthy of commendation. It is this huge consumer base and traffic growth that has made it possible to become the second most visited website in the internet. YES! You heard it right. It has become the second ranked website on the internet and is a force to reckon with and when I tell you this, trust people and businesses have risen to fame with this website, it is actually a fact that people have been earning fame as well as money.

Now, YouTube in the recent years has not only become a place for sharing videos but also a battleground for the immense competition among the firms. The YouTube in the recent years has become a place where businesses are created or destroyed. It is a war-house where there is cut-throat competition and also one must note that the marketing and developing business on the YouTube is quite a difficult task.

One not only requires a creative mind but also an approach and a definite strategy of how and when to market yourself because marketing yourself on YouTube is quite different than the traditional marketing done through bill boards and other advertisements techniques.

The YouTube has ushered in a new age of revolution in the world of the advertisement and is a great advertising platform. Any start-up, or an established business which needs to develop clientele and make his presence felt in the market should seriously consider getting an advertisement campaign on YouTube.

Let us dig deeper and find out why some channels rank and why some don’t? And how to increase consumer reach of your channel?

Step one: Creating a channel

By creating a channel, we don’t mean that, log on to YouTube, enter your credentials and BOOM! You have your own channel up and running and conquer the advertisement. Nope! Not simple as that buddy, far more brainstorming is needed than this. One needs to come up with a name that catches the eye and stands out among the mundane names. The name should be such that it sticks in the mind of the users, and resonates with your business too.

When Shakespeare said,” What’s in a name?” trust me he was quite wrong. It is all in the name only. Select a good. Sophisticated and a name that represents what your business stands for? It is quite interesting to note that often it is selecting the name that takes up the most of the time because most of the processes are mechanical and are quite mundane. It is the naming of the channel that requires the most brainstorming. Hence, furthermore it should be given proper time because most of the time businesses select a name that is not even remotely related to what they do. And then they face problems in the future because of the fact that their name did not resonate with the business that they deal in.

Step two: Regularity

Of course, I don’t need to tell you this, it is important that your channel should not be dormant. It must be an active channel. And you should post and update your content regularly. This is important because it is the content that rules the world of YouTube. If your video is not good then sadly, the audience targeting would be low and also note that the content you are publishing and the videos that you are making are should be authentic, attractive, original and most importantly they must cater to the target audience. Do not publish any irrelevant content on your channel. The channel must stand for the purpose it has been developed, posting anything on your channel that is trending and is not relevant to your channel won’t land you anywhere, it is quite possible instead of increasing the user base it might decrease it. Hence, you should focus on getting the right content for your channel as well as your website.

Getting good content is really paramount for your channel if you want to engage your audience online and also in order to increase your consumer base online and grow your business.

Also, another important factor that people ignore and fail to realize is the fact that they ignore that title must be attractive and catchy. By title, here we mean that the description and heading of the video. The description must be of the video and should reflect what the video stands for. It should not be the case that the description is irrelevant or is fake just to garner the views, you are here to develop your clientele not here to get views or likes on your videos. Hence, you should not clickbait your consumers and users just to get some views on your video.

So, how to write a title that attracts consumers and users on your channel? The following is just a basic know-how and not hard and fast rules to follow while naming your title:

1. Be clear

2. Be informative

3. Be simple

And most importantly be creative. And always remember that you can improvise.

Step three: The Thumbnail

Okay focus on the fact that, say of you are going to buy a bag of chips, what do the you expect the wrapper to look like? It must have some catchy images that are consistent with the product. Right? Same goes with the thumbnail for your video. It must be consistent and be unique and eye catchy and must not repel the user instead of attracting them.

The thumbnail is the very first thing your video displays. It is like the silent content which attracts the consumers and hence, garners audience for the videos uploaded by you.

Step four: Detailing

Okay, you are all set by now for uploading the videos the next step is to put the detailing in your videos and specify the important parts in your videos by developing symbols and arrows in your website which specify the video’s important content and put the attention of the viewer on the important content of the video.

The detailing must be done but not too much. Remember that not every part of your video is relevant and also don’t put too much arrows or any other symbols on the screen because the user clicked on your video to watch it not to be bombarded with the arrows and others stuff.

Moreover, also note that there are several creative ways to do detailing and unlike just putting some use something else that makes your video stand out among the others. It is quite important to note that when you want an arrow to be displayed and when not? It is also furthermore important to note that your video is of limited time, hence, it should not be bombarded with arrows and symbols. It should be focused and thus be done properly.

Step five: Editing

This is an important thing. You have created the video and you have the proper content. You have all things ready and are ready to upload. WAIT! Did you edit your video? If no fall back to your computer base and start doing it. Because there are always some errors that would have crept in while making the video. It is important that you must focus on the information too because you too know how many times in a video irrelevant information has crept in because proper editing was not done. Furthermore, you must also focus on adding subtitles because it is possible that your video is not in the native language and also you must focus on getting the right time set for the video.

Step six: The final touch up

As far as all the above necessary steps go, you can always be creative. Because it is your video, go play with it, add symbols, add subtitles, add some elegance and BEHOLD! You are ready to upload on the internet and welcome to the world of YouTube. And always, remember your audience is broader than you think. And not everyone would like your videos. There would be good comments as well as the bad comments. You must stay neutral and must not be affected by the comments that are being mad by your video. Always notice the silver lining in the clouds

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