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E-mail marketing is a kind of Internet marketing that occurs when a company sends promotional messages to a group of people by email. These messages usually contain advertisements, sales solicitation, commercial messages or donation.

In other words, it is sending emails with promotions and newsletters to increase conversion rates. A better e-mail marketing definition would be it is a way to use email to develop a relationship between the Organization and a client. It is nearly the same as direct mail only the difference is that instead of sending mail through postal service messages are sent via email. Email Marketing has been utilized since after the birth of the internet. It has gained popularity since then and is still an amazing marketing tool. It is a useful tool as many people forward or shares it believing that it will be beneficial for another person. Companies use Email marketing as a way to communicate with their audience. It is used to promote content, Discounts or events as well to attract people towards your website.

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E-mail marketing (The currency of the web nowadays)

As the Name indicates, E-mail marketing is the form of marketing which makes use of E-mail to communicate with a person or organization. It has been utilized since after the birth of the internet and has gained popularity since then and is still an amazing marketing tool. It can take your business to another level. This is the easiest path of communication that enables a person to send promotional messages directly to the targeted audience. So why not use this for your business to broaden the reach.

Quickweb offers E-mail marketing service to send the right mail to the right person. Our services have capacitated a wide spectrum of companies to strengthen their relationship with all of their customers. We have both expertise and tools to ensure that your message reaches your recipient's inbox. Also, our clients can enjoy the ease of fully planned, targeted as well as successfully implemented email marketing campaigns. Our easy to use tools can help you effortlessly from creating lists, designing newsletter & emails to sending messages and finally tracking opens and clicks.

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